Rain a Sup (slide)

The name seems curious, but a case can be made that it refers to the small townland of Renasup, just a short walk up the road from Lisheen on the way to Glountane. This slide can be found by this name in Johnny O’Leary of Sliabh Luachra, but like many tunes, goes by other names as well: Bridgie the Weaver’s, The Barna, The Annablaha, The Kiskeam… and probably more besides.


2 thoughts on “Rain a Sup (slide)

  1. ‘Rain a sup’ is an Irishism for ‘Rain a LITTLE’. ‘Sup’ comes from the English word ‘sip’, as in to drink only a very little at a time. Too rustic Irish manner allows one to slop when at it, so a hot cop of tea would be poured out on the saucer and ‘sipped’ making the slurp sound, hence the expression ‘ to sup ‘. BTW I find the Violin without out good tuition to be somewhat of a mistress, filling its victim with sweet little lies that lead ot all sorts of nonsense.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Historian. I’d hazard that your interpretation of the title is the usual one. The association with the locale Renasup is conjectural, but I think it has some merit. As to the merits of untutored fiddling, I have no comment other than to say Strokes for Folks, and Diff’rent Courses for Diff’rent Horses.


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