Music from Sliabh Luachra Vol. 6

Jackie Daly (C#/D button accordion, concertina)

Green Linnet GLCD 3065, 1992. Reissue of Topic, 1977. Recorded June 1977.

Jackie’s first commercial recording. Considering he went on to record dozens more times, this one is a rare treasure as it is a truly solo offering, no other melody players, no accompaniment, just the man himself doing what he does. Some classic sets on here and the brilliant technique and musicality that made his reputation.

SAMPLE: One of a number of tracks that became instant classics — The Glin Cottage Polkas

Jackie Daly Music from Sliabh Luachra front and back

(a curious detail, the mysterious “Jimmy Connors” shown on the back of the album is in fact Timmy O’Connor of Toureendarby, under an assumed name.)

Still available for purchase from a number of sources.
Full track listing and more at

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