3 thoughts on “Padraig O’Keeffe back row St. Joseph’s School Feis 1945

  1. Hi Richie – A fascinating question! I wasn’t aware that she was a teacher at St. Joseph’s. Do you have personal knowledge of this or can you point out a reference? I know that she did take over his role as teacher at Glountane Cross National School for some time. At any rate, I’ve never seen a photo of Nora so I can’t really answer you with any certainty, but I know she was only a year younger than Pádraig, and I don’t see any female faces that appear a similar age to his in this photo. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, though! Thanks for your question.


  2. The Feis was at St. Joseph’s but there are a lot of children in the photo, with different costumes. So I was wondering if students from other schools (Glountane?) were also competing in the Feis and , in that way, their teachers would also be present. Is it known if Nora was teaching in Glountane in 1947?


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