The Star Above the Garter

Denis Murphy (fiddle)

Julia Clifford (fiddle)

Claddagh CC5CD, 1969. Recorded in Dublin.

Often ranked the best Irish traditional fiddle duet album OF ALL TIME. Also wackiest cover art OF ALL TIME. Seriously though, it’s good. Lots of the old polkas and slides, but also four count em four slow airs, played within an inch of their lives. Nearly every track on this album has become a classic set. Can’t say enough about it. Get it.

After you’ve listened to the album 100 times or so, check out this episode of RTÉ’s The Rolling Wave that discusses the making of the album and the impact it’s had since it dropped:

SAMPLE: Here’s track 1, side 1:

A remastered edition is now available to order from Claddagh Records

For track listing and more information:

7 thoughts on “The Star Above the Garter

  1. So, this album is not easy to find, at least in the states. Would there be any chance you’d consider posting a download of the album as you have so generously done for other out of print / hard to find?

    It’s very very appreciated.


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