Tim “Thadelo” O’Sullivan

Tim “Thadelo” O’Sullivan (1904-1978) was a neighbor, musical mentor, and friend of Johnny O’Leary’s in Annaghbeg, Gneeveguilla. He was probably a pupil of Tom Billy Murphy. Thadelo played the concertina and one-row melodeon, as well as the flute and whistle. In Johnny’s memory he was a very popular musician for dancers. He taught Johnny a great number of tunes which seem to have unique to his repertoire, apparently not played by Tom Billy’s other students. Thadelo’s tunes tend have a signature feel to them: hornpipey polkas, barndancey hornpipes—very squared-off, old-fashioned-sounding tunes.

Learned from: Tom Billy Murphy
Played with: Johnny O’Leary

Thadelo’s funeral card

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