Johnny Mickey Barry

Johnny Mickey Barry (?-1981) was a concertina player from Toureendarby, northeast of Newmarket. He played in a “two-handed” style–that is, he played the upper and lower octaves simultaneously which gave a richer and louder sound. He had a great store of tunes from his teacher Tom Billy Murphy. Toureendarby box player Timmy O’Connor considered himself Barry’s pupil, and Jackie Daly gave credit to him as an influence on his first LP.

Learned from: Tom Billy Murphy
Taught: Timmy O’Connor
Played with: DD Cronin, Jim Keeffe, Jackie Daly

Tim “Thadelo” O’Sullivan

Tim “Thadelo” O’Sullivan (1904-1978) was a neighbor, musical mentor, and friend of Johnny O’Leary’s in Annaghbeg, Gneeveguilla. He was probably a pupil of Tom Billy Murphy. Thadelo played the concertina and one-row melodeon, as well as the flute and whistle. In Johnny’s memory he was a very popular musician for dancers. He taught Johnny a great number of tunes which seem to have unique to his repertoire, apparently not played by Tom Billy’s other students. Thadelo’s tunes tend have a signature feel to them: hornpipey polkas, barndancey hornpipes—very squared-off, old-fashioned-sounding tunes.

Learned from: Tom Billy Murphy
Played with: Johnny O’Leary

Thadelo’s funeral card