Kerry Fiddles

Pádraig O’Keeffe (fiddle)

Denis Murphy (fiddle)

Julia Clifford (fiddle)

Topic TSCD 309, 1994. Reissue of Topic 12T309, 1977. Recorded by Seamus Ennis 9 Sept. 1952 in Horan’s Bar, Castleisland, Kerry.

A classic. Maybe THE classic. What can be said? No, really, what can be said? I’m trying to figure out what can be said.

SAMPLE: This album doesn’t hold back. Side 1, track 1, and you’re already deep into The Good Stuff:

Kerry Fiddles recto and verso

There’s some pretty in-depth notes by Alan Ward starting on page 24 of his Topic booklet here.

For a full track listing and more information:

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